Get Serious about Community Service
Innovative Software for Impactful Programs
Your time is valuable and so is your program. Volunteer Access gives you more of both.

The success of your community service program depends on the time you put in. However, a lot of that time is wasted on administrative duties such as approving claims and filing records. Volunteer Access not only saves you more time than any other solution, it offers powerful capabilities to both administrators and students. Cut time, not benefits.

Streamline Your Operations

Administration in the Digital Age

Digital records update and backup automatically. Reports can be created in seconds and exported to Excel.

Service claims are filed by students, verified by their supervisors and approved by administrators—all through Volunteer Access.

One and Done

Automated service approval recognizes trusted supervisors and approves the claim with no administrator intervention.

No need for paper

Every part of your program can be moved online, including processing and sharing information.

Grade A assistance

We make sure that switching over to VA, and beyond, is a breeze for you and your entire school.

Enrich the Experience

Connect your School, and your Community

Announcements and service opportunities can be shared with students via an online bulletin board.

Everyone from administrators to club leaders to designated community organizations can post directly to the online bulletin board.

Empower your students

Students can access information, including their personal service records, as well as find and sign up for opportunities. Everything they need in the same spot.

Integrate multiple initiatives

Volunteer Access can support multiple service initiatives within your school, from school-wide to club-specific.

Enforce your standards

Our unique service approval system makes fraudulent service claims a thing of the past.